Introducing the
Powderhook Event API

An API containing thousands of hunting, fishing, and shooting events across the United States. designed specifically for the outdoor industry.

Powderhook's Event API Contains

  • Banquets and Auctions
  • Fishing Tournaments and Shooting Matches
  • Meetings or Conventions
  • Seminars, Trainings, Outdoor Education and More
Powderhook sponsors
Event Publishers Include

Event Publishers Include

  • State Agencies: Nearly All 50 States
  • Organizations: NWTF, DU, PF, MDF, RMEF, and many more
  • Industry: Cabela's, Kalkomey, Active, Eventbrite, Eventful, and dozens more

The Powderhook Event API Includes the Following Data

  • Event title, address, and description
  • Host name, registration links, and contact information
  • Dates, pricing information and more
Centralized management tools

Create a new calendar or use your existing calendar, aggregate local events, implement anywhere.

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